Millions of users depend on ParetoLogic software to protect, fix and optimize their computers. ParetoLogic harnesses the latest technology to create easy-to-use PC security and utility programs that benefit computer users of all experience levels.

ParetoLogic’s line of innovative software includes ParetoLogic RegCure Pro, ParetoLogic Internet Security, ParetoLogic PC Health Advisor, ParetoLogic EasyFileViewer, ParetoLogic FileCure, ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro, ParetoLogic Privacy Controls and XoftSpy AntiVirus Pro.

You are at risk every time you go online – viruses, spyware, phishing threats, keyloggers, stalkers... ParetoLogic works hard to protect you. Its line of PC security products are easy-to-use and utilize the latest technology. As well, they include free database updates to protect you against emerging threats.

You can protect yourself and your family by using ParetoLogic Privacy Controls.

Every PC user encounters annoying computer problems. ParetoLogic software is here to quickly fix errors, and get your system running right. Its programs optimize your PC's performance, update your device drivers, find software to open unknown file extensions, fix registry errors, recover deleted files, and safely back up all your files online.

To improve your computer's performance and solve common computer problems, try ParetoLogic RegCure Pro, ParetoLogic Backup, ParetoLogic PC Health Advisor, ParetoLogic EasyFileViewer, ParetoLogic FileCure and ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro.

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